10 Year Guarantee

Our coatings have been tested to the extremes so that we can offer a 10-year guarantee without hesitation. Please read the proper care instructions below to get the most out of your newly resurfaced bath, basin, or Shower.

 Guaranteed  Resurfacing  you can trust

We offer Guaranteed resurfacing because we are confident in our work. And we would like you to be the same. This isn’t one of those Guarantees that is full of clauses and fine print to trick you. No this is a common sense Guarantee that your bath, shower, basin, sink or vanity .Will be as good as a new one for a similar time as a new one. That makes sense doesn’t it?.  This is assurance that the product we offer will do the job its meant for. In fact our Guarantee is longer than a new bath, shower, or vanity guarantee. And it is the longest in the industry. The life expectancy of the new surface is 20 years +.

What does Guarantee cover?

The Pouraglaze coating system is Guaranteed against peeling, and blistering. Of that we can be sure of. But there are some things we are not able to prevent.

  • One. We can’t prevent scratching, chipping ore other accidental damages.
  • Two. Some bathroom environments may cause yellowing for instance too much sunlight can cause yellowing.
  • Three: We can not prevent staining from chemicals or dies.
  • Four: We can not prevent neglect and abuse. Because bathroom products are meant to be kept clean and dry no surfaces do well in continental water. So dripping taps constant pooling, slime and dirt is no good for you or the bathroom. So keeping it clean is beneficial for you and the longevity of the bathroom.

The Pouraglaze coating system

Our Pouraglaze coating system is a result of many years of experience, research, and innovation. Since we are always keeping up with the latest technologies. Some of the latest and most exciting are the following.

1:First a powerful bonding agent – used to weld the top coat to the existing enamel or acrylic surface.

2: Secondly the new pouring enamel from Europe called Ekopel 2k  – an extremely hard, chip resistant and water resistant hybrid epoxy enamel. Which has Resulted in the most durable full gloss finish for resurfacing baths, showers, and vanities in the industry by far.

Guarantee and Proper Care Instructions

  • General care and 10- year Guarantee 
  • Your new surface is guaranteed not to peel or blister for 10 years. However for the first 24 hours it is imperative that the bathroom remains closed and untouched. Also make sure the windows and doors closed to prevent dust and sudden changes in temperature . Because the surface needs 24 hours at 25 degrees Celsius to cure but will take longer with colder wether.

Proper care of new surface

  • Importantly clean surface regularly preferably by using a cream cleanser and a wet microfibre cloth. Or soft towelling cloth which will Prevent the build up of soap scum, calcium and dirt.
  • Also avoid the use of dyes or bath bombs with strong colours on new surface. Also metal cans or bottles with ink stamps on bottom can cause stains.
  • Solvents such as acetone or paint thiner will remove shine and may weaken the surface thus voiding the guarantee.
  • Powder cleansers or harsh scourers will also remove the shine on your new surface. Also please report damage on surface asap.
  • Call George Molnar 0411221394