No need to replace we come to you and resurface your bath-ware with one visit.

We can resurface your bath, basin or shower in less than a day at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Brisbane Bath Resurfacing

Here at “Brisbane Bath Resurfacing”, we specialise in saving you money by offering the best bath, basin, and shower resurfacing in Brisbane, at a very competitive price, using the best resurfacing system in the world. Now there is no need to remove and replace your bath since our resurfacing is guaranteed longer than a new bath. But best of all we come to you and all resurfacing work is done on-site in less than a day and in most cases ready to be used the next day.
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Bath Resurfacing with the Pouring Method

Why we use the pouring method!

With over 40 years experience in this industry we have used many different methods and systems. From epoxy coatings to 2 pack polyurethanes to polyester resins and now the Ekopel 2k pouring resin, each change was step towards improvement. But every system has its pros and cons, and in our opinion this is by far the best system. The pouring method allows us to apply the coating thicker and smoother than any spray painting method.


Firstly the pouring system is much safer than spray painting. Because there is overspray and no fumes from the application. Also the product has a very low v.o.c. rating which means that there is a very low toxicity during and after the application. The Ekopel 2k has 98% solids and the chemical reaction creates a cure far superior to any paint product. Now that on it’s own should be enough to convince the whole industry that this is a far better system. But there is more.

Water Proof

One of the biggest problems with any resurfacing systems is that continual pooling water and so far Ekopel 2k has proven to be more resistant to water than any previous system in the industry. Perhaps the much thicker coating has much to do with it. This coating can fill out ditches of up to 5mm deep in the bottom of baths and showers. Which was impossible to do in the past with any other method.


Also the unique flexibility in this very thick coating is the key to the unrivalled adhesion. Which is the next most important benefit from this pouring system. Leaving nothing to chance we do still use a very powerful bonding agent to guarantee adhesion. Although accordion to manufacturers it is unnecessary. In conclusion the pouring method “Ekopel 2k” is superior in all the above reasons. However there is always room for improvement and we hope to be part of this improvement in the future.

Brisbane Bath Resurfacing covers all suburbs and outer regions.
Whether it be an old claw-foot bath or a colour change on a modern acrylic bath. We can resurface baths, basins, showers and kitchen sinks to as new condition adding decades to the life of your bathroom. Our resurfacing re-enamelling is as good as any new bath, basin, shower or vanity and is backed with a 5-year guarantee.

Shower Resurfacing

Do you have a shower that’s looking very grubby and hard to clean? Or maybe your shower is cracked and leaking. If you Call “Brisbane Bath Resurfacing” on  0411 221 394   right away, we can repair and resurface your shower tray.

Whether your shower is enamel, acrylic or fibreglass. We can restore all shower trays. Making them look like new with our new pouring enamel. Which is by far the most durable enamel coating. Because it is totally impervious to water. Also it is much harder to chip and unlike spray on coatings it can handle the ware and tare inflicted by the use of non-slip shower mats. 

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Vanity’s and Hand basins

Vanities and basins is something we love to restore at “Brisbane Bath Resurfacing” because they are so individual, so many shapes and sizes that keeps the job interesting. And they come up just like new without the need to replace plumbing. Give us a call and ask us about the package deal. 

Over 38 Years of Industry Experience

Bath restoration is an art, working in a confined areas with delicate and often fragile surroundings. Also this requires a skill that only comes with experience. Because as with any trade, it takes time to achieve this level of professionalism and consistency which has become a standard at “Brisbane Bath Resurfacing” which we proudly stand by.

It’s Time to Make Your Bath ware New Again

We take great pride and care in our work with attention to every detail. Creating a beautiful new finish for your bathroom. Now it’s time to prove our claims with an unbeatable challenge. If you are not totally happy with your new surface we won’t take your money. But we are committed to please, so let us make your bathroom look great again. Please read our written guarantee so that together we can make your investment last many, many years. We look forward to meeting you soon.

– George Molnar