Vanity Resurfacing Including Kitchen Sinks and basins

Vanity basin and sink resurfacing is something we love to do because they are so individual. So many shapes and sizes that keeps the job interesting. And they come up just like new without the need to replace plumbing. Give us a call and ask us about the package deal we can resurface your bath and shower at the same time. And save you even more money. 

Vanity Resurfacing v Replacement

Although the price of vanity tops and hand basins has come down a lot over the years. It is still not economical to remove and replace them. The project could end up being bigger then expect. If you need to replace the wall and floor tiles. And don’t forget the plumbing cost. That is why Vanity resurfacing is still good value. And in one day without removing plumbing or tiles. We can restore your vanity . So in stead of all the different tradies working in your bathroom to replace one vanity like the plumber the tiler painter and plasterer. We can renew your vanity with one visit. So send us a photo of your vanity for a quote? You can find out how affordable it will be.

Basin resurfacing

If you have a hand basin that is unique and you want to keep it. But it is looking rather shabby. Basin resurfacing could be the answer. You don’t need to conform to the modern look. We can rejuvenate your basin or vanity to its original lustre. Even the modern ceramic basins which have a tendency to craze much too soon. Resurfacing can bring back the lustre with a new layer of our very hard pouring enamel.

Kitchen Sink resurfacing

Kitchen sink resurfacing is not as common as bathroom products. Because the ware and tare on a kitchen sink is much greater. Than in a hand basin or vanity for instance. But we have been resurfacing sinks for a long time even in the old days of spray painting. Though now with the pouring method the durability of the new enamel is greatly improved. Eliminating much of the inferior filling required with spray painting. The pouring enamel will cover the chips and gouges that other products won’t. Leaving a brand new very hard liner in your kitchen sink.

All work Guaranteed

Just a reminder all our resurfacing is guaranteed for 5 years. We are looking forward to hearing from you. So don’t delay call us or email us and lets get your project done.