Claw foot baths or free standing baths have always been my favourites to restore because of the challenge. And the satisfaction of a beautifully restored antique. This photo is me in 1986 the good old days when we just started “Brisbane Bath Resurfacing” from the backyard in Moorooka.

Free standing bath restoration

Claw foot baths (or free standing baths) are still our favourites even after 38 years of restoring . Now they can be done onsite if the inside is all you need to do. Although it can be a bit of a messy process. Due to the stripping process when removing the old coating assuming they have been previously resurfaced.

However if you are looking for a full restoration we will need to take the bath away to our workshop at Slacks creek. Where we can fully restore the inside and out. Offering a variety of colours and finishes including chrome plating and smooth and textured coatings for the outside.

The outside of the bath is usually painted to blend with the bathroom colours and we can colour match to suit. The feet are the outstanding feature with these free standing baths. So we can do a variety of finishes to make them as noticeable or blending as you wish. Although we are having more difficulties sourcing chrome platers and brass plating is just about impossible we have worked out an affordable alternative in the brass look and tarnished silver look.