On site bath resurfacing

There has never been a better way to resurface your bath.

Bath Resurfacing

We have been resurfacing baths for over 38 years specialising in cast-iron enamel baths, metal baths and acrylic and fibreglass baths. Restoring all types of baths all over south east Queensland. Our reputation is solid and so is our 5 year written Guarantee.

A Personal Touch

Please call George he is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. In this busy world it’s still good to talk to a real person. And get some professional advise. Maybe even throw some ideas around before you spend too much money.

Resurfaced Blue bath

Bath resurfacing ‘vs’ a new bath?

Although bath resurfacing has been around for over 4 decades. It is Only with Ekopel 2k that we have reached a standard of resurfacing that is going to out last most new baths. This is because this pouring enamel is very thick and extra hard almost as hard as the original enamel. Also it is waterproof so that it will not peel or blister. Although it is not indestructible it certainly is as good as any new bath would be. So resurfacing with Ekopel 2k is just as good as a new bath without the mess of a full bathroom renovation.

Recycling your bath

This is why recycling your bath makes good sense. As specially if you are not structurally changing your bathroom walls or rearranging fixtures. Truely our onsite re-enamelling is perfect for even the fanciest bathrooms. Bringing baths back to as new condition with our new pouring method of re-enamelling.

Repaired and re-enamelled baths

Bath resurfacing is an art and I take great pride in my work.  I never get sick of re enamelling an old bath to it’s original glory. No bath too hard to restore. It’s all about pride in our work. With confidence and perseverance we never get sick of doing what apears impossible. There is always a way to repair and resurface the really ugly baths. Just look at some real life examples. What are you waitingfor call us now on 0411 221 394, and lets get your bathroom looking just like  new again.