Brisbane Bath Resurfacing has a long history of restoring claw foot baths. Starting in 1986 in the backyard in Moorooka. See History After a short break because of back injury we are ready to go again, Thanks to my son Jordy. So let us do what the others won’t including Pickup and delivery from bathroom to bathroom and in most cases we can un plumb and re plumb for you. So for all your Free standing bath restorations don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Free standing baths

Outside Finish and Colours

We offer two finishes on the outside. the standard finish and the Mirror finish with your choice of colour. The standard finish is a more rustic look keeping to the more authentic look of a typical cast iron bath. Keeping the texture of the original sand cast mould. Preparation is either sand blasting the outside or a similar abrasive preparation. Followed by a rust inhibiting primer and sprayed over with colour of choice.

Standard finish
Standard Finish

The Mirror finish is a smooth surface like the inside of the bath sprayed over with the colour of choice. This finish is elegant and extenuates the curves of the bath, drawing attention to it self and the reflections in the bathroom. We can colour match or you can chose from our traditional colour range.

Mirror finish outside
Mirror finish outside

Claw Feet

The Claw feet are the main attraction for these old gems. So getting them just right is important. That is why we like to customise each set of feet for each bath. We offer a variety of finishes including Chrome Brass, tarnished brass, silver, puter and a variety of colours. I will be posting a range of different finishes down the track.